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Buddhist Writing Prompt: Take responsibility

I really enjoyed this recent blog entry from Jessica. Very thought-provoking, and she’s right – you shouldn’t blame others for what’s happening in your life. You only need to look at yourself to fix it.

Jessica Davidson

Take responsibility is about not blaming others when things don’t go the way you hoped. Instead of looking for somebody else to blame, you can turn it around and take responsibility for your part in the drama.

The original lojong slogan is: Drive all blames into one. This doesn’t mean you blame yourself or make yourself feel guilty for everything. It’s not about beating yourself up or feeling bad. This slogan just asks you to notice when you might be avoiding responsibility and to turn it around. Take responsibility for your choices and your reactions.

Blaming others doesn’t change what’s happened or help to solve problems. Being self-righteous doesn’t help either. In fact, nobody can make you feel or do something that you don’t accept on some level. So when you react to a problem by seeking to blame somebody else, it’s probably because, deep down, you know you…

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