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The “Great American Eclipse,” eclipsed

Were you able to get a shot at the Total Eclipse? Check out this blog for interesting thoughts regarding today’s Eclipse Mania.


If you live in the U.S., you likely find yourself in one of the following states tonight:
1. tired of hearing about the eclipse,
2. dying to see your next eclipse, or
3. disappointed you missed the eclipse.

I first learned of the now-infamous solar event on April 27, 2017 in the Palm Beach Post’s blog, “New solar eclipse stamp does something no other stamp can.

I snapped up the stamps — and they indeed performed exactly as advertised. (Sorry one is missing; I mailed it to my parents.)

Total eclipse stamps BLOGEclipse stamp heat sensitive 6426 BLOG

But I shelved any thoughts about the eclipse itself until a couple of months later. “Wanna go to Nashville?” I asked Esteban, figuring that even if we got skunked meteorologically we could still enjoy ourselves musically. “Sorry,” he replied. “Gotta work.”

Fast-forward to last week, when my friends started sharing their travel plans. Nebraska. South Carolina. Oregon. It seemed…

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