About J.Alana

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J.Alana Giresi is the author of the novels, The Turn of the Dime, Billy’s Cascade and Potholes (January 2017.)  A native Long Islander, she shares her residence with her husband Marty, their four cats, and Norwegian Shepherd Daisy. Although she has written all of her life, The Turn of the Dime, published in January 2016 through Amazon KDP & Createspace Publishing, was her first entry into the printed world.  Billy’s Cascade, based on the relationship she had with her beloved grandfather, was her second book released on June 13, 2016, on what would have been her grandfather Vito’s 99th Birthday.   Potholes, her third novel, was officially released January 7, 2017, at Blackbird’s Grille in Sayville, NY.  J.Alana credits her ability to publish her first book due to fanfiction. She firmly believes that fanfiction is a creative medium which helps so many writers soar.

Starting in the year 2007, J.Alana was actively involved with the I-CON Science Fiction Convention on Long Island and served as Director of Special Events and Performances from 2008 to 2010,  Vice-President of the Board Directors (2011 – 2013) and was a dedicated board member for three years (2010-2013.)  2007 was also the year that she met and married her husband Marty. J.Alana left I-CON to concentrate on her personal life in 2013 following the passing of her mother in 2012.

From 2000 to 2009, she was known as J.Alana from J&P Productions and made several AMV’s (anime music videos). In 2005, J&P founded Sakura Zuka Studios with Yoko Seishirou & Krillin the Villin at the helm of Sakura Zuka Studios (SzS) and dedicated the studio strictly to fandom and AMVs. J&P concentrated on becoming a studio specializing in new media production and short-film animation. In addition, J&P Productions sponsored their own AMV Tournament called BloodSport (named after the movie Bloodsport.) Bloodsport‘s scoring method used both a viewer’s choice panel & a judges panel with each having the ability to cancel each other’s votes out. Bloodsport’s scoring method was later adopted by several AMV Tournaments. J&P Productions started a new recruitment of talent in 2007 and brought in several new AMV artists from around the world including FullMetalCan, Faythene, TheNineTaledFox, Senshimamrou, Nausicaa & Davenfonet.

Both SzS & J&P Productions garnered several awards and nominations from Anime Alberta, The Animemusicvideos.org Viewer’s Choice Awards, Tora-Con, Bakaretsu & The I-CON AMV Tournament. J&P and Sakura Zuka Studios were prominently figured in the AMV movie: AMV Hell 3: The Motion Picture for which both J.Alana & Yoko Seishirou earned IMDB ratings. J.Alana has never entered any tournament except The WinMX World Anime Competition (2003, winner), Anime Alberta (semi-finalist), The Animemusicvideos.org Viewer’s Choice Awards (quarterfinalist, 2003) & The I-CON AMV Tournament for 2007.

In 2006, J&P embarked on becoming a new media studio and focused on three fan-films and one original project.  One fan film in particular, After Impact: The Audio Manga, was launched in September 2006 having a cast voiced by Rinachan & Lioncourt. The series ran from 2006 to 2008.

Due to a reboot of the Evangelion series, J.Alana personally made the decision to halt all production on After Impact and pull the show in 2008. J.Alana felt that as long as Evangelion movies were being produced, “…it was not ethical to produce After Impact.”

In 2009, J&P Productions explored a second option which was to eliminate all fan-films from production and start on an original series about three brothers from which The Turn of the Dime is derived from. Due to the budgeting constraints, the project was halted and canceled before the end of 2009. Following other budget concerns and upgrades to the website,  J&P and Sakura Zuka Studios went on hiatus for several years and almost disbanded.

In early 2016, with J.Alana operating as CEO,  J&P Productions was brought back as an anime/AMV fandom site. Most of all original studio members are still involved with J&P. Though J&P has not produced AMVs this year. In early 2017, J.Alana formed J&P New Media, an off-shoot of J&P Productions, with the purpose of producing all three of her novels into audiobooks and concentrating on a feature film project that is currently at the “pitch” stage.  J.Alana along with her second-cousin actress, model & author Ericarose Angelina, has completed work on “Potholes: the Screenplay.

J&P Media is currently producing Potholes: The Audiobook. Originally, voice-actress Kristen Nelson was slated for the role of narrator in Potholes: The Audioboook.  J&P Media is also at the helm of producing The Turn of the Dime the Audiobook starring Neil Olesen. Recently, J&P Media has completed work on Billy’s Cascade: The Audiobook with Kelly Brajevich, co-author of the webcomic D.S. Al Fine with artist Lee Milewski, to narrate Billy’s Cascade: The Audiobook.  J.Alana served as director, executive producer & writer. In addition, J.Alana does a podcast on SoundCloud called the J.Alana Podcast.”  Currently, the podcast is on hiatus. J.Alana is also a contributing editor to Muscular Development magazine, FitnessRX for Women and FitnessRX for Men.    She writes under the pen name “J.A. Giresi.”

Aside from being an author, she is a partner and was the CEO of Double J IT Consulting Services from 2016 to 2021.  The company is an Information Technology Consulting firm based in Long Island, NY working with commercial and residential clients. Some of their services include custom-builds, game console repair, network integration, IT optimization, home theater, and home security repair/implementation.  Ms. Giresi stepped back from the role of CEO to concentrate on her personal life, and also pursue a secondary career offer. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Double J IT Consulting ceased operation in 2021.

J.Alana’s information technology experience spans close to thirty years as both a tech and salesperson. She has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world including Merck, Bristol-Meyer Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Erisco, Gateway and Lockheed-Martin.

J.Alana is represented by Ninetwosix Entertainment.