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$0.99/cent Sale!!

Today is the last day that you can get Billy’s Cascade for Kindle for $0.99!!!Tomorrow it will go up to full price. This was my second book, but it remains the one that I’m most proud of. I’ve always wanted to do a story for my grandfather. What I decided on was to tell about a period of my life that was a crucial point of growing as an individual. While I did fictionalize most of the book (mainly because I didn’t want my real-life experiences out there) I didn’t fictionalize the relationship that Jane has with her grandfather. That is 100% real. Soon the audiobook will be done. I can’t wait to show it to you! It’s going to be great ūüėä

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The Second Episode is Out!…

I had such a great time recording this podcast and I was very happy about who my special guest was!

Plus check out the amazing book cover done by Roy Mauritsen  

While it’s not available for pre-order, we’ll let you know when you can order it on and Audible. ¬†If you’re an Audible member, remember to save your credits for this one!

It’s going to be great! ¬†Click the picture to hear the podcast!

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Billy’s Cascade is a Go for Audible

The Real Billy Cascade & The Rhythm Riders
This is my grandfather’s band in the 1950’s. Several times, I would look at this picture for inspiration

Billy’s Cascade is a story that is near and dear to my heart. Mostly because it tells of the real-life relationship I had with my grandfather and how he influenced my life. Though it was fictionalized since I didn’t want the true story of my real-life out there, this is a story that I loved writing.

Soon, it will be, what would have been, my grandfather’s 100th Birthday. To celebrate his birthday, I will be doing a special Kindle Countdown Deal for Billy’s Cascade and will reduce the price to $0.99 from June 9th until June 14, 2017. ¬†

In addition, I am pleased to say that we are going forward with the audiobook of Billy’s Cascade starring voice-actress Kelly Brajevich. However, this is not the first time that Kelly and myself have worked together. Aside from being great friends for many years, we were both involved with J&P Productions producing AMV’s when she used the handle FullMetalCan and I was J.Alana. To add to her many talents, she has now branched out as an author in her own right with her upcoming comic book series D.S. al Fine which I KNOW will be a huge success! Please support her, it just looks amazing.

Billy’s Cascade was a project I had thought long and hard about for a long time now and I was never sure who could voice this role – until now. I am so pleased to be working with Kelly on this project and I know she will make it a great success! In my earnest opinion, besides being a native Long Islander, like myself, she has the exact flavor and tempo to tell this story and I am super happy to be bringing this project to Audible.

To hear my grandfather’s mp3 The Night is Young click here to listen on Soundcloud¬†

Keep on the lookout for more updates as they arrive and thank you for all of your support!

Have a great week!


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Lights! Camera! Acton!

Since the days I was old enough to hold a pen in my hand and draw, I’ve dreamt of one major thing all of my life: I’ve wanted to see my written work translated to the silver screen (or smaller screen.) When I was a kid making up screenplays and recording them onto cassette tape with my friends, I’ve always known I wanted to produce movies and write books. ¬†And although I’ve had some curveballs thrown at me to take me off of the path of my intended dream – I never stopped focusing on that goal.

I’ve always said if not for J&P Productions there would never have been J.Alana Giresi or J&P Media. ¬†And if it wasn’t for the fanfiction that I wrote nearly ten years ago and later produced as a fan-media production, there would have never been The Turn of the Dime, followed by Billy’s Cascade and now Potholes. ¬†Though I’ve always been a producer and entrepreneur in some capacity, I’ve never taken on the original production and brought that to the commercial¬†film industry.

Until now…

I can confirm to you that Potholes is being translated into a screenplay and will be submitted for review to a well-known film studio. It is my hope that the majority of the film will be shot on Long Island.

While there are details that we cannot divulge at this time, we will let you know what they are as each step comes into view. ¬†Potholes¬†was¬†so much fun to write and I’m hoping that the film adaptation¬†will also be just as fun to watch. ¬†As always, I personally thank you for your support.

Edition 2 was just released this past week and is already off to a great start.  To get your copy, please click this link here   I am also pleased to announce that Edition 2 was edited and revised by the fantastic Lorelei Logsdon the author of Comorbid: A Psychological Thriller

In the meantime, check out the trailer to get a partial idea of what the film project may look like.  The trailer was directed and edited by the fantastic Roy Mauritsen.   The voice of Jill Singleton is played by the talented Kristen Nelson who will also be narrating the audiobook version of Potholes which is currently in production through J&P Media.

Hope that you enjoy the trailer and please feel free to leave a comment, subscribe to my home page, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter channels.

Thanks, and as I leave I say….

….See Ya On the Next Vid!




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Three Major Projects On the Way!

Okay, for quite a while now I’ve been pretty secretive over what my plans are for 2017, and now – I can finally announce them. ¬† I’m pretty excited about this news because it marks the first time I have produced any type of media project in ten years.

The first project I’d like to announce is Potholes: The AudioBook. Narrating the audiobook is a great voice actress who I’m very happy to be working with for the first time. I’ve loved her work in the anime His & Her’s Circumstances, Boogiepop Phantom, and the web series Dr. Shroud. ¬†She, like me, have been long involved in the ICON Science Fiction Convention on Long Island. ¬†So I’m pleased to announce that Kristen Nelson will be narrating Potholes: The Audiobook.¬†

I am also announcing a second audiobook that currently is in production, and I am very pleased to be working with this individual as well. ¬†When it came down to the choice for this audiobook, I had two in mind, and I am overjoyed with the selection for the audiobook for The Turn of the Dime. ¬†Neils Olesen will be cast as the narrator for The Turn of the Dime. ¬† Neils also produces a fantastic podcast each week called “Nine Minutes to Midnight.

Both projects are scheduled to be concluded in the Fall of 2017.  Lastly, there is another project near and dear to my heart which may be revived by 2018.  We will keep you up to date on that one.  It is our hope that this last project is revised, but there are many factors which will determine that.  I do have to say that I was quite inspired by RobotUnderdog. I will give you more information as it comes out.

Edition 2.0 of Potholes will be launched on scheduled May 2, 2017. Once again I was so happy to have it edited by the wonderful and very talented Lorelei Logsdon, who wrote the fantastic novel, Comorbid: A Psychological Thriller.    In addition, if you purchased the kindle version of Potholes, you will be eligible to get Edition 2.0 as a free update.

Finally, I just wanted to take a minute to wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Weekend. Happy Easter and Happy Passover. ¬†Thank you for your support and I’ll speak to you soon.

Best Regards,