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$0.99/cent Sale!!

Today is the last day that you can get Billy’s Cascade for Kindle for $0.99!!!Tomorrow it will go up to full price. This was my second book, but it remains the one that I’m most proud of. I’ve always wanted to do a story for my grandfather. What I decided on was to tell about a period of my life that was a crucial point of growing as an individual. While I did fictionalize most of the book (mainly because I didn’t want my real-life experiences out there) I didn’t fictionalize the relationship that Jane has with her grandfather. That is 100% real. Soon the audiobook will be done. I can’t wait to show it to you! It’s going to be great 😊

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Healthy Chocolate Fruit and Nut Clusters

Fitness RX, I hope you see this. food to glow Four-ingredient chocolate, fruit and nut clusters are an easy, no-bake recipe for healthy, guilt-free snacking. Perfect with a cup of tea and in lunch boxes. These may not be the prettiest things you’ll see on the Internet today, but by goodness, they might be the… Continue reading Healthy Chocolate Fruit and Nut Clusters

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The Second Episode is Out!…

I had such a great time recording this podcast and I was very happy about who my special guest was!

Plus check out the amazing book cover done by Roy Mauritsen  

While it’s not available for pre-order, we’ll let you know when you can order it on and Audible.  If you’re an Audible member, remember to save your credits for this one!

It’s going to be great!  Click the picture to hear the podcast!

billy cascade audio2.png