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What’s Been Going On?

Hi, all.  I know it’s been a while since I posted something, but I thought that I would take a minute and let you know what I’ve been up to. First of all, I hope all of you had a really fantastic summer.  I most certainly did.  I got to see my favorite musician of all time: Garth Brooks at Yankee Stadium!  This concert was spectacular.  I also had my first signing and my friend Roy Mauritsen was with me at the Marriot Springhill Suite in Yaphank, NY.

Now I’ve got even bigger news to share with you.   This has been in the planning stages for a long time now and I am so happy to be able to share this with you.  While I can’t just give you the full details yet, know that it’s fantastic news that I can’t wait to share with you.

I also have some other news which I will be releasing shortly, and yes, I do have a third book coming out in January.  While not as long as Turn of the Dime or Billy’s Cascade, I prefer to think of this as a “one-shot” and it will be available on January 7, 2017 via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and perhaps your local bookstore too.

Of recent I’ve received a lot of messages about a fanfiction based project that J&P Productions and myself did about ten years ago called “After Impact: The Audio Manga.”  A lot of you have asked since it has been 10 years since the debut of that web series if it will make a comeback.

I’d like to set the record straight and let you know that at this time, there are no plans to re-release After Impact.  If this does make a comeback, we will definitely make all our dedicated fans aware on and through my channel as well.

Also, we would also like to get the support of Funimation and Gainax films if this project would be brought to fruition, and most certainly the episodes would need to be remastered in HD/4K standard, re-edited, and in some cases redrawn to provide the most spectacular show for you.   If this project is truly a possibility, I will definitely make you all aware.

I hope that this has answered many of your questions, and we thank you, and also keep your eye out for a special gaming walkthrough that I will do through Double J IT Consulting on the new TheSims4: City Life Expansion pack when it is released on November 1.   You can see this video on the Double J IT YouTube channel which will be announced shortly.   It’s my second video that I’ve done for my company, you can actually see me narrate a tour of our latest build here: 

So that’s all for now.  Thank you for your continued support of the novels, J&P Productions and Double J IT.   Take care, and I can definitely say this time:  See Ya on the Next Vid.

Peace 🙂



Billy’s Cascade First Review

Since its debut on 6/13, I have just been notified that Billy’s Cascade had its first review on  

Thank you very much for your review, Cathy. 😊. I am so glad that you enjoyed this novel.  

So far the feedback I’ve been getting on the new novel has been great, and today I was so pleased to gift out two copies of Billy’s Cascade to my good friend Felipe and his friend Susanna. 

Felipe will be heading out to Japan teaching English. I will miss you, NineTaledFox, but I know you will do spectacular over there.  

Check out the review hereand get ready for my first podcast coming soon with new information about an upcoming signing on Long Island. 

See ya soon 

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Billy’s Cascade on Kindle

J.Alana Giresi at signing first sold copy of Billys’ Cascade at Marriot Springhill Suites in Bellport, NY


Good Afternoon, Everyone.


I thought that now was a good opportunity to announce that Billy’s Cascade is available now on Kindle!  Also, I have even better news.  If you purchased the paperback versions of The Turn of the Dime or Billy’s Cascade, or both, you can get the Kindle editions for a special reduced price thanks to Amazon’s Matchbook program.

In order to qualify you must have purchased the paperback versions of The Turn of the Dime or Billy’s Cascade directly from Amazon.  Third-party vendors aren’t eligible  Sorry. If you do prefer Kindle versions though, you can still get the Kindle versions at a reduced price aside from the Matchbook price.

Either way, I hope that you are enjoying both books, and I hope to hear some of your feedback soon.   Remember if you’d like to send feedback about the books the best place to do this is on Amazon’s review page, and also feel free to visit my author’s page which will be updated with event signings and pictures shortly.

Thanks again for your great support, and stay tuned for the next event that will be announced shortly.  I would just like to say, because of many of you who have given me your support, my dream of becoming a full-time writer has become a reality.

Thank you again.

See you soon,


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Another Event Coming Soon!



img_0439Hello Everyone,

I was so happy that so many of you turned out for my last book signing and event, and I am happy to announce that there will be another one shortly!  I am pleased to announce that Billy’s Cascade and The Turn of the Dime are both selling really well.

More importantly, I decided to do my Book Event during the weekday, and the reason? For many years, I was a support representative at a local call center.  I made many friends there and I’ve missed them.  This event is especially dedicated for my good call center friends.

Keep posted and I’ll let you know more details as they arrive.

Thanks again for all of your support.

See ya soon,


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Billy’s Cascade is Here!


Cover art by Roy Mauritsen
Today would have been my grandfather’s 99th Birthday.  For me, there is no better way to celebrate his life then to release my second novel Billy’s Cascade on this day.


My grandfather was my best friend growing up, and continued to be until his death in 2006.  The values that he taught me carried on into my adulthood. During one of the most crucial times of my life – he was there to pick me up, remind me that life is a journey worth exploring, and to NEVER give up on fulfilling dreams and ambitions.

While the book is fictional, it is based upon the relationship I had with my grandfather, and his amazing life.  I hope that you enjoy it, and I thank you all for your wonderful support and well-wishes.   Like myself, the main character, Jane, goes through many transformations to ultimately become the person she hopes to be.  This book was a project in the making for over ten years of my life, and I am finally glad to be sharing it with all of you today.

As I sit here and look at the copy in front of me, there are so many people to thank and I am grateful for their wonderful words of wisdom.  I am also grateful to all of you for being behind this project, and staying with me from the beginning.

In the meantime, I’d like to share with you one of the songs that my grandfather recorded under his stage name Billy Cascade in 1951.  Out of all of my grandfather’s recordings, this song means the most to me.  He wrote it for my grandmother, and I chose it to be the song that he sings in the night club scene from the book.  It served as inspiration for me several times during writing this novel, and now I’d like to share it with you.  I also made it so that the song can be applied to Jane as well in the book. You can stream this song on Soundcloud now. It’s called The Night is Young.  Enjoy, and see you soon.

Take care,




Thanks for Coming! 

I had great time hanging out with you today! Thanks for coming down and spending time with us today. 

Special thanks to Lisa at the Marriot Springhill Suites for doing such a great job.  Thank you, Roy Mauritsen for sharing this day with me. 

If you couldn’t make it for this one, stay tuned there will be another one. In the meantime, enjoy these pictures. 

By the way, our Facebook winner is James Sanabria! Congrats, James. You win a Free signed copy of Billy’s Cascade for commenting while we were live! 

Again, thanks for attending and have a nice weekend. 

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Nothing to do? Visit Me & Roy!

Today is the big day!  Roy Mauritsen and myself will be appearing at the Marriot Springhill Suites in Bellport, NY from 2-5pm.

If you have time, why not pay us a visit?  There’s no fee, and you might be able to walk away with a FREE signed copy of my new book Billy’s Cascade BEFORE release date! Not only that, you could win Roy’s audiobook Syrenka 

Come visit us.  It will be fun.  We’ll also be fielding questions too.   Here’s your chance to pick our brains, ask us questions about Shards of the Glass SlipperThe Turn of the Dime or the upcoming Billy’s Cascade.

It’ll be great to meet you.  Come down and hang out!

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Come to Meet Me & Roy on June 11!

Hi, Everyone. We’re in the Home Stretch! Billy’s Cascade is ONE WEEK AWAY from debuting.  I am so excited!  I am even more excited to be having my Book Discussion & Signing at the Marriot Springhill Suites in Bellport, NY with my friend and fellow author: Roy Mauritsen, author of Shards of the Glass Slipper: A Fairy Tale Epic.

It will be so great to meet many of you, and to share with your discussions about The Turn of the Dime & also the upcoming Billy’s Cascade.  Plus, one of you will be able to receive A FREE signed copy of Billy’s Cascade, and Roy will be giving away a FREE copy of his audiobook Syrenka & Her Sisters. 

But…we’ve got an extra surprise for you…

We’re not saying what it is yet, but we’ll give little hints along the way starting next week. I will tell you today that in addition to being able to win a FREE copy at the signing, we’re going to be giving a FREE signed copy of Billy’s Cascade to a Facebook user.

It’s my way of saying thank you to all of you for supporting me, and for all of the great feedback that I’ve received.  I’m also happy to report that I got my second review for The Turn of the Dime, and my first review on Barnes & Noble.

I am so pleased and thankful for the feedback and the review, and I thank you, LoveToRead21 for your lovely comments.

As for the rest of you, pay attention on to your Facebook on June 11, 2016.  Stay close to  Facebook. This is going to be great

Until next time, I’ll see you soon –

Have a great weekend,


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Another Snippet!!

Aside from the fact that I am so happy about going to @garthbrooks concert at Yankee Stadium, an event which has been twenty years coming. I’d also like to show you another snippet from Billy’s Cascade,  and yes it involves Garth Brooks….sort of:

Janie had a disappointing day.  

She was on her way home, driving in a massive traffic jam on the Long Island Expressway, aka the L.I.E. She was between exits Exit 57 and 60, the usual spot for Rush Hour traffic.  

As she sat in her car, a red 2000 Chevy Malibu, she had a country CD in the player: Garth Brooks, her favorite..  

Her mind was a mess of thoughts and questions.

She did not know why she was on the path that she was on, and did not know why she had been plagued with such a tremendous heartbreak or such uncertainty about her future.

She did not think her life was ever going to be like this…

Remember for the special Book Signing & Discussion on June 11, 2016 at the Marriot Springhill Suites in Bellport, NY. 2-5PM.   You can meet both myself & Roy Mauritsen, author of Shards of the Glass Slipper: A Fairy Tale Epic.   Roy is also responsible for the covers for both The Turn of the Dime & Billy’s Cascade.

Plus, you may be able to win a FREE signed copy of Billy’s Cascade