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It’s Been A While

Hey Everybody,

I know I haven’t written to you in a while, but there’s a good reason. I’ve been hard at work on a bunch of different projects. So I want to give you a status update on what’s coming out shortly.

First, let’s start off with Billy’s Cascade: The Audiobook. Kelly and I have been putting the finishing touches on the final cut, and we believe it will be out shortly. Thanks for your support and your patience. We’ll let you know soon when you will be able to buy it.

Second, I’m sorry to say that Kristen Nelson will not be voicing Potholes: The Audiobook. While I was saddened to have this happen, we do have some great news. Kristen Ferris, who was also the first editor of Potholes, ed. 1, will be the official narrator for Potholes: The Audiobook.  I will tell the reason why Kristen Nelson is no longer involved is that of scheduling.  It was an amicable agreement on both sides. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Kristen Nelson and wish her well in all that she does.

Kristen is very excited about stepping into the role and we are now in the process of recording the book as we speak.

Turn of the Dime is still being recorded, but because of the length of the audiobook, it is far from being completed.

Additionally, I will be releasing the long-awaited sequel to the Turn of the Dime and will be assembling my pre-read team shortly.

Also, and lastly, as many of you, I am a contributing editor at Muscular Development magazine and FitnessRX magazines and websites. I am now hard at work on my fifth book which will feature a bodybuilder for the main character. So to all of my readers at FitnessRX and MD, this one is for you.

Many people don’t know, but I have liked bodybuilding since I was nine years old and I am excited about this project. I am also very excited for the upcoming Arnold Classic as the line-up looks to be spectacular.

Thanks again for all of your support….and I almost forgot – the J&P Podcast will be returning but both myself and Kelly have been super busy – so we’ll be back as soon as we can.

Thanks for reading and supporting me. I appreciate it!

All my thanks,


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