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Wow! Thanks to all of you for your great feedback on the Potholes book trailer. Remember, if you liked it, it’s great that you message me.  Don’t forget to click onto the like button and hit subscribe on my YouTube channel. If you feel inclined, leave a comment. I’d appreciate your feedback.  

I have to hand it to Roy Mauritsen. Didn’t he do a fantastic job on that trailer?  I think so too. Not to mention, Kristen Nelson is just terrific in that voice-over. It was so great to work on a video project with both of them. It’s been close to ten years since I worked on any type of production so to be back in this environment is just great for me. I’m quite elated to be in the producer’s chair. Speaking of productions, there’s quite a few special events that we plan to announce in 2017 and I’m really happy to share this with you soon.

My author’s proof. So proud.
If you haven’t seen the trailer, then catch up with it here and please feel free to share the link with your friends. You can  pre-order Potholes for both Kindle and paperback editions by clicking on Buy The Books at the top of the menu. 

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I’m very happy to announce recently I received another review for Billy’s Cascade. Thank you, Sarah. I’m so happy that you enjoyed the book and I thank you for being one of my readers. You’re the best! 

Stay tuned for more news that’s coming! It’s soon to be announced. Remember to sign up for the email list so you can get the news as it comes out and thanks again for your support.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all of you and your families. 



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