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I’ve Got A Free Book Tomorrow…

Hi, Everyone.  Well, today is December 1 and to kick off the Holiday Season – I’ve decided that for 24 hours that the Kindle version of Billy’s Cascade will be free to download.  The reason why I’m doing this is because I’ve just received the fourth review for Billy’s Cascade and I’m very happy about it.

You can download Billy’s Cascade here.   

Keep in mind if you want to come to my Author Book Launch Party for Potholes on January 7, 2017 – you can register for a ticket and book here.

Thanks for all of your support and all of your help.   I’m really happy to see that I’ve received another review for Billy’s Cascade and I wait until Potholes comes out.  You can register for Potholes here.  Just to let you know, Potholes will be free with Kindle Unlimited once it is released.

Thanks and have a great day today. Remember Kindle Unlimited is one of the best ways to get access to thousands of books. Try it today.

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