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It’s Another Excerpt from Potholes

Hi Everybody.  I hope that you had a great week, and to kick off this weekend I am going to show you another excerpt from my new upcoming novella Potholes  which comes out on January 7, 2017.    Hope you like this.

Also, and this directed solely at my Call Center Friends, you can win a FREE Kindle copy of Potholes and be put on my Pre-Read Team.

All I need you to do is guess which real-life friend I modeled a specific character from in this particular scene.   Hint it’s not: Jill, Karen, the Manager or the friend that comes up to her at the lunch table.

The first right answer will get a Kindle download of Potholes BEFORE it’s release date and be put on my Pre-Read Team.  It happens after three specific letters are mentioned.  Guess what they are?

Former Call Center Buddies, are you listening?

Let me know what you think, and if you like the books leave a review.

Have a great weekend


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