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Billy’s Cascade on Kindle

J.Alana Giresi at signing first sold copy of Billys’ Cascade at Marriot Springhill Suites in Bellport, NY


Good Afternoon, Everyone.


I thought that now was a good opportunity to announce that Billy’s Cascade is available now on Kindle!  Also, I have even better news.  If you purchased the paperback versions of The Turn of the Dime or Billy’s Cascade, or both, you can get the Kindle editions for a special reduced price thanks to Amazon’s Matchbook program.

In order to qualify you must have purchased the paperback versions of The Turn of the Dime or Billy’s Cascade directly from Amazon.  Third-party vendors aren’t eligible  Sorry. If you do prefer Kindle versions though, you can still get the Kindle versions at a reduced price aside from the Matchbook price.

Either way, I hope that you are enjoying both books, and I hope to hear some of your feedback soon.   Remember if you’d like to send feedback about the books the best place to do this is on Amazon’s review page, and also feel free to visit my author’s page which will be updated with event signings and pictures shortly.

Thanks again for your great support, and stay tuned for the next event that will be announced shortly.  I would just like to say, because of many of you who have given me your support, my dream of becoming a full-time writer has become a reality.

Thank you again.

See you soon,


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