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Happy Mother’s Day

For my mother, even though she is no longer with us, I modeled the character of Leslie after her.  Leslie Giordano is the type of character who is a warm, loving and nurturing mother but knows all of her kids well. She has her boundaries in place, and is ready to snap them back in line when needed.

When I thought of this scene, it reminded me of something my own mother would do.

From: “The Turn of the Dime” by J.Alana Giresi

It was then Leslie turned and spotted from the living room entry five faces looking in who were very shocked. “What are you doing??” She growled at them. “You better not have been here the whole time!! The five of you better get out of here right now!!! MOVE!!! Do your homework! NOW!”  

turn of dime cover

Five boys then dispersed as quickly as possible as Leslie heard the thunderous sound of them running up the stairs.

Brent chuckled as he shook his head. “Well, you certainly told them…”

“They shouldn’t have been spying, Brent. I didn’t want them….” Leslie sat down beside her husband, and sighed. “I didn’t mean to embarrass him or hurt him. I just can’t stand seeing him spiral down like this. I just want him to have a good life. That’s all. I love him, Brent. It kills me to see him go through this.”

Brent put his arm around his wife, and kissed gently on her temple. “That’s why you’re a good mother. If anything can make these kids jump it’s your secret Monster Look.”

Leslie giggled. “Oh, stop…”

“Well, Honey you have to admit, your power over our six sons is in itself an amazing thing. Even as teenagers you can freeze them in their tracks from that look, and as it seems, even when they’re grown too.”

“You flatter me so.” She joked with a grin.

Happy Mother’s Day.  I miss you, Mom.


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